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Dashboards – MRC

The Management Rounds Check (MRC) Dashboard comes in a few different flavors.

The one that you will come across most frequently is powered by Power BI, a premium Microsoft technology. The other Dashboard you will come across is based on bootstrap and JavaScript technologies.

Terminology of MRC

Management Rounds Check, known as MRC, is real-time monitoring and reporting of staff activities around the facility.

Check the status of a room, or location, in the facility to see when it was last cleaned. See an image of the last time it was checked. Monitor for “UnSat” checks to spot areas that need attention.

MRC is a great way to manage the facility and audit rooms when issues arise. With images and timestamps, it offers a great paper trail.


DHC Systems has some specific terminology when it comes to the software offerings.

Within this article we will walk you through the terms, verbiage, and nomenclature that you will come across while navigating, using, and taking action within the system.

Help and Support

We try to make finding help and support within DHC Systems simple, straightforward, and accessible.

Within the system, keep an eye out for the following icons, buttons, and calls-to-action:

We are also always monitoring email at gmgllc@outlook.com for high priority issues, escalations, or general questions.

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