Data Out of Date?

There are times that you upload a spreadsheet, have conducted some scans, or otherwise had some activity that you feel should be visible in the system.

This could be a report that seems to be delayed, a scan list that is missing the records you just added, or an Export that doesn’t have all the barcodes, or QR codes, available.

This generally occurs because of a feature in browsers called caching. In this process the site, or page, is temporarily stored in the memory of the browser. The result can be that you are seeing the page stored in your browsers cache rather than the live page.

There are number of ways to refresh the page:

  • The simplest way to help is by clicking the “Reload Content” button that is available on each page, for exactly this purpose. dhcs-reload-content
  • The other option is to click the “Refresh” button in your browser. browser-refresh-page
  • You can also press the “F5” key on your keyboard while on the page you would like to refresh.
  • For really tough ones, you can hold the “ctrl”, or control, key on your keyboard then press “F5”.
  • Then try logging out and back in.

If all else fails, contact us for assistance. We wouldn’t want you to manually clear your browser cache and history unnecessarily.

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