About DHC Systems

At DHC Systems we strive to make Medical Facility Management scalable. Digital logging and time stamps help with cost avoidance caused by inaccurate, non-auditable, manual paper tracking.

By standardizing the approach to the management of Operating Rooms, Patient Rooms, Waiting Rooms, common areas, and other areas around the facility, as well as the Quality Assurance Staff reviews, we assist in streamlining the operations.

We supply the framework for tracking, real-time monitoring, and reporting of the activities taking place around your facility. Reporting is available any time, on any device with an internet connection.

The workflow is simple.

First your team loads what they would like checked, whether it is the quality of the work already done, or a checklist of work that needs to be completed. Next, the staff scans the code with their internet connected device and follows the on-screen instructions, including attaching a picture (if needed).

That’s it.

Reporting, audits, reviews, etc, are all available right away.

With some clients conducting more than 20,000 scans and over 120,000 individual checks annually, we have a proven track record for helping improve the scalability of Medical Facility Management.

Here is a real example of the reports that are available.

Real-world example of DHC Systems Reporting