electronic Quality Assurance (eQA)

electronic Quality Assurance, known as eQA, is real-time monitoring and reporting to increase standardization and decrease subjectivity of Quality Assurance checks related to employee performance management.

eQA will increase visibility within the organization to the quality of work done by their employees.

eQA gives management the ability to log, track, monitor and report on their employees. Employee Quality Assurance checks are automatically logged within a simple User Interface, ensuring detailed reporting of performance and quality.

The eQA Software is:

  • Cloud based
  • Available 24×7
  • Global Access
  • Supports BYOD (Bring Your Own Device)
  • Platform Agnostic (iOS, Android, Windows, Linux, Mac)
  • Touch Optimized
  • Role Driven Features

DHC Systems provides the following with the eQA Software Package:

  • Offsite Server Hardware
  • Offsite Data Storage
  • Offsite Hosting
  • Simple to Use Interface
  • Real-Time Reporting Interface
  • Workflow Integration Assistance
  • Technical Support (tiered model)
  • Developer Support (tiered model)
  • Custom Feature Development (as approved)
  • QR Code Creation Integration
  • PC or Tablets (as requested by Client)
  • Mobile Devices (as requested by Client)
  • Mobile Cellular Service Account (as requested by Client)
  • Hardware Configuration (PC, Tablet and/or Mobile Devices)

DHC Systems asks that the client supply the following:

  • Network connection available within the facility
  • Printer
  • BYOD as Desired