Duty Tracking

Duty Tracking, also referred to as Management Rounds Check (MRC) within the hospital, provides time tracking, real-time monitoring, and reporting of the activities of your hospital staff. Digital logging and time stamps help with cost avoidance caused by inaccurate, non-auditable, manual paper tracking.

MRC streamlines the process and standardizes the management of tasks, or duties, to be completed. The simple to use interface is familiar to any Windows user while being intuitive enough for anyone to pick up and go. Large tiles double as buttons for actions to take and provide high level metrics of activities.

The MRC Android application allows the users to sign in and view the tasks they have been assigned. They can then proceed to their activities and complete the tasks.

Each area can be assigned as many, or as few, activities to be completed. The mobile interface dynamically builds to automatically adjust for only the number of activities assigned. This is great for efficiency and maintains a clean, easy to navigate, process for worker completing the tasks.

How about photographic proof that a check was completed? We have that covered too. Once a check is done the user can attach an image to the activity and it is uploaded and stored within the system. When management reviews the activities they can review the image along with the outcome of the checks.

Like our other products, this product too is cloud based and built to scale, no matter what device you are on.

Reporting is available for management within the system at any time, on any device. Simply clicking the room number, user id, or date of a check reveals robust, exportable charts of the activities. Top level reporting is also available showing number of activities, satisfactory versus unsatisfactory checks, and trending over time.

Areas our clients currently use MRC:

  • Patient Room
  • Employee Lounge
  • General Facilities
  • Waiting Room
  • Locker Room
  • Laundry Room
  • Offices
  • Operating Room

Some example duties and checks that are assigned through MRC:

  • Floor Cleanliness
  • Operating Table Cleanliness
  • Operating Room Cleanliness
  • Trash Checks
  • Recycle Checks
  • Linen Checks
  • Wall Checks
  • Bio Checks
  • Filing Cabinet Checks
  • Ice Machines
  • Supply Checks
  • Rolling Stock
  • Dusting Assignments
  • Bed Preparedness

The MRC and Duty Track Software is:

  • Cloud Based
  • Available 24×7
  • Global Access
  • Supports BYOD (Bring Your Own Device)
  • Platform Agnostic (iOS, Android, Windows, Linux, Mac)
  • Touch Optimized
  • Role Driven Features

DHC Systems provides the following with the MRC and Duty Track Software Package:

  • Offsite Server Hardware
  • Offsite Data Storage
  • Offsite Image Storage
  • Offsite Hosting
  • Simple to Use Interface
  • Real-Time Reporting Interface
  • Workflow Integration Assistance
  • Technical Support (tiered model)
  • Developer Support (tiered model)
  • Custom Feature Development (as approved)
  • QR Code Creation Integration
  • PC or Tablets (as requested by Client)
  • Mobile Devices (as requested by Client)
  • Mobile Cellular Service Account (as requested by Client)
  • Hardware Configuration (PC, Tablet and/or Mobile Devices)

DHC Systems asks that the client supply the following:

  • Network connection available within the facility
  • Printer
  • BYOD as Desired