Editing a Location in PVA

After a Location has been added for a Patient Visit Assessment it may be necessary to make changes to the questions, spelling, name or just add a note.

This is the process for editing the Location Name, editing, removing, or adding associated Patient Visit (PV) Questions, Discharge Room (DR) Questions, or optional notes or comments.

  1. You must first be signed into the system
  2. Expand the “PVA – All” menu
    • pva-all-navigation-menu
  3. Click “Visit Locations” then “List Locations”
    • pva-location-list
  4. Click “Edit” in the “Actions” column for the Location you want to edit
    • dhcs-actions-edit-delete
  5. Review the Location “Name” for any changes needed, edit where applicable
    • pva-location-name
  6. Review, edit, or remove questions from the “Patient Visit Questions” as needed
    • pva-location-patient-visit-questions
  7. Review, edit, or remove questions from the “Discharge Room Questions” as needed
    • pva-location-discharge-room-questions
  8. Optionally, add or update any “Notes/Comments” that should appear on the Assessment form
    • pva-location-notes-comments-questions
  9. Click “Update Location” to save the changes
    • pva-button-update-location
  10. Complete. The next time the Location is scanned the changes will appear on the Assessment form.