Help and Support

We try to make finding help and support within DHC Systems simple, straightforward, and accessible.

Within the system, keep an eye out for the following icons, buttons, and calls-to-action:

Page Help buttons will open information about the page that you are on, next steps, common terminology, and other information relevant to actions that can be performed from the page you are on. In some cases there will be a link to more detailed instructions that can be printed or opened in another window.

Question (?) mark icons will provide a brief description of what is in the tile, column, or other object within the user interface.

Get Started with <product name here> will open an instruction window and/or a window that allows you to open the detailed instructions in another window.

You can also find instructions on the main site at .

We are also always monitoring email at for high priority issues, escalations, or general questions.

Service Level Agreement (SLA):

  • High priority issues, such as scan failures, upload failures, and outages: 1 hour
  • Medium priority requests and system troubleshooting: 4 hours
  • Low priority, general questions, information requests, and other non-critical issues: 24 hours

We are also available via the phone number at the top of the page for immediate requests and questions.

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