DHC Systems has some specific terminology when it comes to the software offerings.

Within this article we will walk you through the terms, verbiage, and nomenclature that you will come across while navigating, using, and taking action within the system.

General Terminology

  • Dashboard: Think of this as a group of high-level reports all available in a single interface, or on a single page. A Dashboard is generally the first thing that you see when logging in or accessing a software offering. The Dashboard will display a number of Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) and offer some of the same features as a Report, however, to get deep-dive analysis you will want to use a Report.
  • Report: As opposed to a Dashboard a Report offers more in-depth analysis and more variety in filtering and customizing what is being displayed. A Report is where you will get detailed information related to KPI’s and performance within the software offering.
  • QR Code: After adding a scan, or employee, to the system you will have a QR Code available to scan with the mobile device. QR Codes are often referred to as barcodes as well. We are fine with either term and will know what you are talking about no matter which you use.
  • Mobile Device: The mobile device that is used to access the system can be anything with a wireless connection, a touch screen, and a camera. The Mobile Device is generally used to scan the QR Code, take the actions within the form, attach an image, and upload the results. Some users like using iPad Mini’s, while others like a smartphone.

User Levels

  • Admin: Able to view all records for all software offerings. Has the read-write access and the ability to add, remove, and edit any scans or employees in the system. Full reporting ability.
  • Director: Has the ability to view reports for their organization as defined by the employees reporting to them. Has read-only access to scans and employees in the system. Has read-write access to the members of their organization. Full reporting ability.
  • Manager: Has the read-write access and the ability to add, remove, and edit the scans or employees that they loaded into the system. Partial reporting ability.
  • General User: Has read-only access to view and report on their scans. Unable to see the scans or employees of others.

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