Terminology of MRC

Management Rounds Check, known as MRC, is real-time monitoring and reporting of staff activities around the facility.

Check the status of a room, or location, in the facility to see when it was last cleaned. See an image of the last time it was checked. Monitor for “UnSat” checks to spot areas that need attention.

MRC is a great way to manage the facility and audit rooms when issues arise. With images and timestamps, it offers a great paper trail.

MRC Specific Terminology

  • Scan: A “Scan” is the barcode, or qr code, that is scanned. This is generally a room or location in the facility. Areas such as Operating Room, Lobby, or Waiting Room would all be examples of different “Scan”s. A “Scan” will almost always have more than one “Task” assigned to it. Each “Scan” can have up to 25 “Task”s assigned to it.
  • Task: A “Task” is the item, or task, that is to be checked in the room or location. Essentially, the tasks are the checklist to be done after each scan. For example, within a Patient Room, you may have a task for “Dusting”, another for “Sharps”, and another for “Floor”. A “Scan” can have up to 25 “Task”s assigned to it.
  • Zone: The “Zone” where the room or area of the facility is located. This reporting feature can be useful when grouping tasks and scans based on a wing of a hospital, for example.
  • Architectual Number: The Architectural Number is the name of the room, or area, where the task is to take place. Some Architectural Number examples would be “OR Room 1”, “Pediatrics Bays”, or “Surgery/Trauma”.
  • Fast Scans: When two, or more, different “Scan”s are logged by the same individual within a very short period of time, they are flagged as a “Fast Scan”.

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