Introduction to Standard Tasks in eQA

The Standard Tasks within eQA (electronic Quality Assurance) are a set of Tasks, or Checks, that are associated to a Standard Title. Employees that are assigned the Standard Title will automatically have the set of Tasks, or Checks, assigned to them.

When the manager scans the code for the Employee the list of Tasks, or Checks, will be listed for review.

This page will guide you through how to set up and use Standard Tasks within eQA.

Standard Titles and Tasks Definitions

  • Standard Title: The Standard Title, such as Housekeeping, will be used to identify the role and tasks that are assigned with it. When adding a new employee, or editing an employee, this Standard Title will be available.
  • Standard Tasks: The Standard Tasks will be assigned to the Standard Title entered above. Each employee assigned to the Standard Title will have the Standard Tasks, below, assigned to them automatically.
  • Notes/Comments: Enter any notes, or comments, you would like to appear at the bottom of the form, below the task list, when an employee with this Standard Title is scanned. This is optional.

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