MRC – Admin – Reporting – Today

MRC – Admin – Reporting

This report is available by expanding the “MRC – Admin” section and clicking “Reporting”

MRC – Admin – Reporting – Today

The first page that loads is for “Today”

The far right of the report navigation bar allows the user to “Choose Zone(s):”.

This allows for filtering the contents of the page to a specific Zone.

The upper right chart is the “Hourly Scans” and allows for the user to examine the number of scans performed by hour for the day.

Hovering over a datapoint will provide tooltip showing the details.

You can also hover your mouse over the upper right corner to reveal “Focus mode”. Clicking this will open the chart in a larger view.

Like in the Dashboard, the upper right consists of six tiles. The first show a count of “Scans Today” which displays the number of scans that were conducted.

Next to the Scans is “Tasks Today” which provides the number of Tasks completed for the day. Remember a Scan can have up to 25 Tasks associated with it.

The last tile of the row is the number of “Images” that have been uploaded for the day. Each scan that is submitted into the system has the opportunity to have an image attached.

Below the “Scans Today” tile you will see “Sat Today” This is a count of the “Sat”, or Satisfactory, Tasks that were completed for the day. Adding “Sat Today” and “UnSat Today” will equal the value in the “Tasks Today” tile.

After the Sat Tasks count you will find the “UnSat Today” count. This is the number of “UnSat” or Unsatisfactory Tasks for the day.

The last tile in this section is the “Fast” Scans that were flagged for the day. Please refer to the “Terminology” article for any definitions that are unfamiliar.

The large chart in the second row is the “Hourly Tasks Sat vs UnSat” records. Here you will see the number of tasks conducted throughout the day. Green represents “Sat Tasks” and Red represents “UnSat Tasks”.

Moving to the right from the “Hourly Tasks…” chart you will see “Scans by User”. This will provide a breakdown of the total number of Scans conducted by each person within your organization.

Try clicking the bar above a User. It will filter the rest of the page for the selected User.

The next tile is “Fast Scans by User”. As indicated in the title of the chart, it is the “Fast Scans” that were flagged in the system for the day, by User.

Similar to the previous tile, try clicking the bar above the User to filter some of the other charts.

The third row is covered by a single table of information. This is the “Fast Scans Today – Detail” where the user will see the times of the scans, the difference in time, the Zones, areas and who conducted the fast scans.

The large table of information on the lower left corner is the “Scans Today – Detail”. This is where each of the Scans conducted is listed.

Click a row within this table to show the details, including the image in the visual to the left.

The final part of the page is the “Scan Details” card.

When the user selects one of the rows in the “Scans Today – Detail” the details of that scan, including the image, will be displayed in the “Scan Details” card.

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