Adding Scans in MRC

Before you can start tracking, collecting and reporting on anything, you have to get some scans into the system.

Standard User accounts do not have access to create Scans. If you do not see “Add 1 New Scan” or “Bulk Add Scans”, and believe that you should, please let us know. We will work with your company contact to ensure appropriate permissions.

There are two ways to add Scans. You can either add them one at a time or you can load them in bulk.

From the navigation bar, expand the menu, then click “Add 1 New Scan” to create one scan at a time, or click the “Bulk Add Scans” to load several at once.

We will detail both options below.

If you see a term that is unfamiliar, please see Terminology of MRC for MRC specific terminology.

Add 1 New Scan

  1. From the navigation bar, expand the “MRC – Admin” menu, then click “Add 1 New Scan”
  2. Enter the values for the Scan you would like to add
    • Assigned To = You can assign the Scan to a User if you would like. It is optional and you will need to know the Users id in the system to add them.
    • Zone = The “Zone” where the room or area of the facility is located. This reporting feature can be useful when grouping tasks and scans based on a wing of a hospital, for example.
    • Architectural Number = The Architectural Number is the name of the room, or area, where the task is to take place. Some Architectural Number examples would be “OR Room 1”, “Pediatrics Bays”, or “Surgery/Trauma”.
    • Task 1 – Task 25 = The item, or task, that is to be checked in the room or location. Essentially, the tasks are the checklist to be done after each scan.
  3. Click “Create Scan” to add the record to the system
  4. Once the Scan has been added, it is available to print through “Export Scans”

Bulk Add Scans

  1. From the navigation bar, expand the menu, then click “Bulk Add Scans”
  2. Download a fresh template using the “Download” button, if you already have the template you can skip this step.
  3. Fill in the template with as many new Scans as you would like. There are several columns in the template:
    • zone_name = The Zone where the room or area of the facility is located
    • room_id = The Architectural Number, area, or room where the duty or task is to take place
    • step_1_name – step_25_name = The tasks that should be checked, up to 25 per Scan, or row
    • company_abbr = This is the abbreviation for your company account
  4. Save the completed template to your local system
  5. Click the “Choose File” button and locate the template that you just saved
  6. Click “Upload”
  7. Once the Scans have been loaded, they are available to print through “Export Scans”

Troubleshooting Bulk Add Scans

If you are unable to find the Scan that you added to the system please check the following. These are the most common reasons a Scan does not show:

  • Refresh the page. Sometimes the page gets cached in the browser and may not display the most recent scans.
  • Incorrect value in the “company_abbr” field.
  • Correct “company_abbr” value but it is in the wrong column. For example, if I put “dhcs” (my company_abbr) in the “step_25_name” column, it will not show in my account.
  • If the file fails to upload, please make sure the file is saved as a .csv. It is always a good idea to download a fresh copy of the template as the fields may have changed.

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