Introduction to Standard Tasks in eQA

The Standard Tasks within eQA (electronic Quality Assurance) are a set of Tasks, or Checks, that are associated to a Standard Title. Employees that are assigned the Standard Title will automatically have the set of Tasks, or Checks, assigned to them.

When the manager scans the code for the Employee the list of Tasks, or Checks, will be listed for review.

This page will guide you through how to set up and use Standard Tasks within eQA.

Standard Titles and Tasks Definitions

Assign Standard Tasks to Existing Employee in eQA

After a Standard Task is added to the system it is available for assignment.

This is the process for assigning the Standard Tasks to an Employee, or updating the Standard Title currently assigned to an Employee. Another way to look at it is assigning an Employee with a Standard Title, the Standard Tasks then come with that assignment.

  1. Log into the system via

Edit Standard Tasks in eQA

After a “Standard Title” is added to the system with “Standard Tasks” assigned it may be necessary to update the “Standard Tasks” list, or even the “Standard Title”.

This is the process to edit the “Standard Title” and “Standard Tasks” for it.

This process changes the “Standard Title” or “Standard Tasks” for new, or edited, Employees. It does not affect those that are already assigned.

  1. Log into the system via

Add New Employee with Standard Tasks in eQA

You can assign “Standard Tasks” when adding an Employee by selecting the “Standard Title”.

It will require that the “Standard Tasks” and “Standard Title” are already added to the system. If they are not, please follow the process for “Set Up Standard Tasks”

This is the process for assigning the “Standard Title” with “Standard Tasks” when adding a new Employee.

  1. Log into the system via